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How many B2B leads are being generated through your website each week?

How are you engaging, educating, and nurturing those leads?

And how many of those leads are converting into customers directly because of your website and marketing efforts?

The Marketing Engine is a comprehensive step-by-step guide through the process of attracting leads to your website and video content, and nurturing those leads into clients. It's the basis of what we do for ourselves and our clients. Here are the 6 steps:

Ignition - This stage is where we drive traffic to your website through our various marketing channels (videos, social, ads, and so on).

Engage - Driving traffic to a website is useless if we don’t grab their attention and hold them there. Otherwise they just leave.

Convert - We use calls to action (CTAs) to convert anonymous traffic into known leads.

Nurture - Your B2B sales may require long sales cycles, so we implement tools to begin nurturing your new relationship from minute one.

Create - New content is the magnet that will continually attract new traffic, and maintain your SEO status.

Measure - Within every stage of this cycle is measurement and analysis. You need to track and analyze every step to keep leads from slipping through the cracks.

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