LON Cosmetics: Rebirth

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LON Cosmetics established itself as a leader in professional skin care products and cosmetics in the 80s and 90s with a unique line of products formulated with minerals found on in the Dead Sea. Today, the company is undergoing a sort of renaissance, and has added several new lines of professional skin care products to their roster.

CEO Dan Bryle wanted to shift the brand image from solely being about the Dead Sea, to incorporate everything the company is about today. He wanted to maintain their history, but also showcase their advancement into the future of the skin care industry.

LON website

Wow, beautiful work Bobby! I can't begin to tell you how pleased and excited we all are about your work. Our brand looks incredibly professional and up there with the very biggest companies, which is exactly what we wanted. I can't thank you enough.

Dan Bryle, CEO, LON Cosmetics

We created an entirely new brand image, as well as a coherent line of imagery for each of their product lines. The website includes an online store to sell their products to the public, as well as a member-only section for skin care professionals to buy wholesale products.

We also work with LON to create and promote their Video Media Library (VML) - a series of short videos to introduce their product lines to consumers and salon owners.

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