Jeff Barker: reProduced

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Jeff Barker's entire business relies on always being on the leading edge - technology, production, ideas, and talent. Everything about this company is sleek, modern, and high energy.

Yet their brand image and website were throwbacks to the 90s, and were not at all in sync with the direction they were heading. Together with CEO Jeff Barker, Fuelblue embarked on a rebranding mission to transform the look and feel of the company to match the look and feel of its events.

Jeff Barker Productions website

Thank you Bobby for all your work on my brand image and website. I wanted to express how my business was global in scope and expertise, but boutique in our service and attention to detail - and you did exactly that. Great job, thanks again.

Jeff Barker, CEO, Jeff Barker Productions

Creating the brand image was only the beginning though. We've continually worked the website as a tool to generate interest, convert visitors into leads, and help them see how Jeff's boutique, hands-on approach can benefit them.

Plus, we've been working to develop their Video media Library (VML) consisting of original blog content. 

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