Dealbuilders: New Focus

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Pete Ekstrom, CEO of Dealbuilders, has been my client for about 15 years - nearly since the very beginning of Fuelblue. In that time, both he and I have re-imagined and re-invented our companies a couple times over.

A new look for a new era.

Pete recently updated Dealbuilders' service offerings, and needed to revamp their website to reflect the changes. Their core business remained the same, but the services they offered, and for whom, were honed down with greater clarity and focus.

we needed a new strategy to attract and nurture leads, and speak effectively to his core audience: consultants looking to grow their business through LinkedIn.

Dealbuilders website

Thanks to your input and creative design I have been successful reaching my core audience, and turning them into clients. The results I have achieved via your expertise have far exceeded my expectations.

Pete Ekstrom, CEO, Dealbuilders

Sometimes we get to have some fun with video. We worked with Dealbuilders CEO Pete Ekstrom to create this video showcasing Dealbuilders' partnership with SalesDialers.

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