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The time had come for Advanced Arch Grilles to revolutionize the way architects and engineers spec and buy grilles for their project.

There are only a handful of companies that produce architectural grilles and custom metalwork like AAG does. For years, these companies all had identical products, identical services, and pretty much identical ways of sharing information with prospects and clients. Because of this, the only real differentiator for a buyer became price. The job went to the lowest bidder.

This was a disservice to architects and engineers.

Despite the technical background of their audience, the specifications for architectural grilles was still too complicated for them to grasp with the limited information and tools available. So together with us at Fuelblue, we set a path to change all that.

It starts with their website, which has been completely redesigned to provide the expected technical information, but now combined with inspirational imagery. It's difficult to imagine all the possible uses for these grilles. So we created entire sections that not only gave architects and engineers exact specs for each product, but also expanded ideas and inspiration for how to use them.

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We asked you to "juice up our brand - give it that 'wow' factor," and that's exactly what you did. Our industry is fiercely competitive, and your work gives us that edge we need to make a dynamic impression.

Dan Roeper, CEO, Advanced Arch Grilles

New tools to make their jobs (and lives) easier.

The site also boosts brand new tools to allow architects and engineers to design, spec, and quote the exact grilles they need for each project. These tools allow them to calculate airfow, download custom spec sheets for purchasing agents, and quote exact prices on even the most complicated grilles.

We also worked with AAG's engineering department to create animated explainer videos to show their customers how to use and install their products correctly.

AAG Desk Reference
AAG Desk Reference

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