What is a Brand? The Difference Between a Brand and a Logo

What the heck is a brand anyway? Understanding what a brand actually is, and that you have the power to effect how people see your brand is the a foundational step in attracting your audience and building your business. You can either do this deliberately, or the world does it for you. Guess which one is better.

Your logo is a graphical representation of your brand.

It’s the main visual ambassador of your brand, and the entire basis of your visual brand image, or your corporate identity.

Wow, that was a lot of big words, but what do they all mean?

Well let’s see if we can’t make sense of all that.

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Let’s start with the word brand.

Would it surprise you to learn that a brand is really nothing more than a thought?

So in essence, it’s energy.

A company’s brand IS what its best customer thinks of it.

What its least happy customer thinks of it.

What its prospects think of it.

What its industry thinks of it.

What its employees, partners, vendors, and contractors think of it.

And perhaps most overlooked, what the entrepreneur behind the company thinks of it.

When you combine all of those thoughts - all that energy - into one focused thought, or the average of all of those opinions, then you come up with the overall brand.

And here lies the magic - the difference between branding your company deliberately, or by default.

You, as the entrepreneur, have the mental image of the company in its best light - as you see it in reality, AND its full potential.

Most opinions are based on the past.

Someone’s experience with a company instills an image of the brand in their minds.

It’s the past. It’s over. Good or bad, it’s done.

But YOU see beyond the past and present. You see the future of your business. You see beyond what is and can visualize what can be.

Nobody else is going to do that.

When you allow your brand to be determined by other people’s opinions, that’s branding by default.

But when you project your future image so others can see it, and feel it, and believe in it - that’s deliberate branding.

Being able to not only have a vision of your company’s future - it’s potential, it’s promise - but being able to share it with all interested parties so that they can get their energy behind it too.

That’s the power of branding.

The logo then becomes the visual metaphor of that image.

And when people in your world see that icon, they don’t just recognize a company - they remember the feeling behind that brand.

It’s all energy. It’s all about making an emotional connection to people, and getting them to rally their energy behind your vision.