Think Big Part 1 - Why It's the Key to Entrepreneurial Success

Think BIG! We’ve all heard this expression, probably more than once. For many of us, it’s one of those things people say so often, it’s lost all meaning. Well that’s too bad because big thinking is the key to success, and most of us have been thinking very, very small.

Those were two pretty big claims, so I’m going to tackle them one at a time. Thinking big is the key to success.

I’m going to assume people are typically within one of two mindsets.

Either life is a big accident, and things just happen to you, or life is what you make it. 

There are no accidents, and you have the power to create and design your life - and therefore your business - through your thoughts.

Now, if you are of the first mindset then this video will most likely aggravate you to no end, so you might want to leave.

But if, like me, you believe in the power of the mind to create your life, then stick with me.

As entrepreneurs, we already think a bit differently than most people do, which is why we don’t have jobs. We decided to strike out on our own, forging our own path through life.

And if we’re really, really deliberate, we are doing so by following our dreams and creating businesses doing things we like to do.

You are thinking beyond the boundaries set up for you by society, or school, or your family, and designing a life and business that fits your needs.

This is why thinking big is the key to success. Because in order to achieve success, you must first decide what success is for you personally. But most of us have been thinking very, very small.

Something screwy happens to many of us on the way to success.

Maybe your vision of success eludes you.

Maybe you’re not making enough money, or you work too hard, or your business interferes with your relationships, or your health, or whatever.

None of these problems were a part of your original big thinking.

They stem from small thinking.

And nearly all of us struggle with small thinking to one degree or another.

Small thinking is the day to day crap that grabs hold of your attention, and keeps you from the big thinking.

It’s what one of my clients lovingly calls the “goofy stuff” that seems to creep in and force you to divert your energy from your dreams and ambitions, to putting fires all day.

If there is some “issue” in your life or your business that always seems to plague you, even though other people around you seem to have no problem with that particular subject, it’s always only because you are thinking small on that subject.

There is no goblin in the dark throwing bad luck at you. There is no black cloud following you around. It’s your own thinking, creating the same annoying scenario over and over again. And it needs to stop.

And in my next video, I’m going to share some ways you can do just that. Stay tuned.