Stop Reacting to Changes in Technology & Anticipate What's Next

The time has come to embrace change. To expect it. To appreciate it. The pace of change is quickening, so you need to look ahead and learn to anticipate the future.

The time has come to start taking charge of your future - your own personal future, and the future of your business.

If you haven’t already noticed, this ride we’re all on is speeding up, and it’s only going to keep getting faster and faster and faster.

There’s no slowing down. There’s no asking everyone to pause while you catch your breath or take stock in your current situation.

No. It’s been picking up speed and momentum at an alarming rate, and the only forecast is more speed.

I’m talking about the march of progress, the acceleration and integration of technology into our lives, and our businesses, and before you know it, our own bodies and minds.

The 20th century saw more technological progress than the thousands of years preceding it.

From the birth of flight and space exploration, to advances in industry and our homes.

What began as conveniences and novelties, quickly became necessities and expectations.

And in the few short years we’ve known the 21st century, we’ve progressed well beyond what many could even dream about way way back in 1999.

Back then we could wait and see how new technologies were going to affect the world - how new tools and advancements would end up impacting your business.

Then you could dip your toe in and test the waters, until, before you know it, it’s the normal way of doing business.

Not any more.

The time has come to embrace change. To expect it. To appreciate it.

We need to be forever accepting of new tools, new ideas, new gadgets, and new apps.

Not everything will mean anything to you, but you must understand how something that seems insignificant to your industry can quickly become the stepping stone for the next major advancement.

How are mobile devices affecting your industry right now? How will they next year? How are your customers using mobile now, and what will they expect in the rapidly approaching future?

How are drones going to impact your business? Or wearable technology?Maybe they won’t, but don’t wait until they do to even contemplate it.

Don’t wait until something becomes commonplace to begin wondering if you should know about it.

Start looking ahead.

We can’t simply react to technology and change any more, we need to look ahead, and anticipate what’s next.