Rise Above the Noise - How to Elevate Your Brand

I think we are living in a time that abounds with opportunity, but as more and more people put on their entrepreneurial hats, it’s becoming difficult to create meaningful relationships amidst all the noise.

I think we are living in a time that abounds with opportunity. On what seems like a daily basis, we are presented with new tools to help us see more of the world around us, stay connected to our friends and meet new ones, and create new content to share a little more of ourselves with the world.

Now, more than ever before in human history, anyone can be an entrepreneur and bring an idea to market. Anyone can present their thoughts and ideas to the world and build an audience. Anyone can profit on their passions and expertise.

Opportunity abounds, but there are some pitfalls to our new found technology. The playing field is becoming saturated as more and more people put on their entrepreneurial hats. This increases the amount of garbage out there that people need to sift through to find the gems. And while you can use technology to connect with an astounding number of people, it’s becoming more and more difficult to create meaningful relationships amidst all the noise.

Here are 3 ways to overcome these obstacles.

1. Try to give more to your audience than you ask for.

The people in your audience have needs, and you’re the expert with the answers. Know that. If you can create something - a video series, a blog, a podcast, whatever - something that provides those answers on a constant basis, you will set yourself up as the leader of your brand culture.

People will look up to you, it’s a given. But it doesn’t happen overnight. The path can be painstakingly slow. You’ll have plenty of times when it seems like you’d be better off talking to a wall.

Don’t give up. Don’t stop.

More people are noticing than you can imagine. And sometimes it only takes one, which leads to…

2. Choose quality relationships over a massive quantity of followers.

For most of us in business, it is extremely valuable to have a handful of loyal clients and customers who rely on you, and use your business often.

The same is true with your audience. It’s much better to have deeper, meaningful interactions with fewer people, than to have thousands or millions of shallow acquaintances. Don’t worry about the numbers - the amount of followers you have on Twitter is far less important than how engaged you are with the followers you do have.

Reach out to a few people everyday. Say hello. Share their stuff. Click Like, hit the retweet button. Whatever social platform you like to use, get involved with people. Treat them as people, not as statistics.

3. Design matters.

Now, I know I’m biased because I’m a designer, but believe me when I tell you, design matters. Most people are not designers, and probably can’t articulate the merits of one design over another. But every single one of us has a sub-conscious brain, and a natural affinity to what looks good, and what doesn’t.

I’ve heard many people tell me that design just doesn’t matter in their industry: "Nobody cares about pretty pictures and colors, they just want the info."

Well, design has nothing to do with pretty pictures and colors. Black and white text in a newspaper is designed.

Good design is about presenting your data in a way everyone in your audience can understand, use, and appreciate.

Good design is recognized, and appealing to the people in your audience, often without them even realizing it or understanding why they like one thing over another.

Good design is the background that makes your message stand out.

Good design is the bridge that invites your core audience to go deeper with you, and create that quality relationship.

Good design eliminates the noise, and lets people get to the good stuff.

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