Results Follow Marketing Processes

You create a brand image but don’t implement it. You build a website but don’t use it beyond its just “being there”. You start, and stop, and start, and stop, giving up too soon. Results follow a process.

Branding your business is not something you do one day, and then sit back because it’s done.

It’s never done, it’s a never ending process.

Whether you’re honing your service offering, working with customers, or especially marketing yourself - the processes you put in place must be constantly worked, evaluated, improved, and worked, and implemented, and worked and worked and worked and worked and worked and worked and worked.

Marketing Engine - Technical B2B Marketing Guide

The problem we all face, is that results are not usually immediate. When I started making this video series, I didn’t see any results at all for quite some time - except for the occasional “Hey Bobby, that was a cool video!”

I’m not doing this to become a famous YouTuber and make a million dollars from ads on my videos. I’m doing it for exposure, and to build my brand.

I don’t need a huge view count. I only need ONE person to see a video.

I need one person.

I need one new prospect to see my library of videos, and hire me - that’s happened a couple times already and will happen again.

I need one strategic partner to see my efforts and approach me to spearhead a new amazing project - that happened already too.

And I need you to see this video, and think of all the times you started a process, and then gave up on it because you weren’t seeing results.

Well, maybe you were looking for the wrong results. Or maybe you gave up a minute before the results were about to arrive. Results don’t just happen because you did something once or twice.

Results follow a process. And you have to work the process.