How Aerospace Brand Image Affects Employee Attraction & Retention

For aerospace companies to grow and thrive, it’s important that they have a solid team of people behind them.

People are the building blocks that create a winning team. And the team, working together with a steady rhythm, is what makes it possible to service customers, and think forward to new ideas and new solutions.

As a business owner, you may already consider things like competitive pay, benefits, hours, locations, and so on when it comes to attracting and retaining talented team members.

But more than talent, true progress and business leadership requires a team that is dedicated to the cause. And in this video, I’ll explain how your brand image can help you build that team, and rally them to your vision.

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Aerospace manufacturing had a boon in the mid 20th century. Back then, the arrangement between the company and its workers was very different. People would get a job, put in a solid effort for 30, 40 years, with the understanding there was a retirement package waiting to take care of them on the backend. Companies invested in infrastructure and people. There was little question if the company would move out of state, hire out of the country, or automate tasks to eliminate workers altogether.

Today, the very people you need to build and maintain a winning team understand that those old ways don’t exist any more. So they’ve always got one foot out the door - looking for a better offer, better conditions, or a backup plan in case their current company no longer needs them.

If you’re looking for ways to attract and retain better talent, and keep them engaged and focused on your brand vision and mission, you may be overlooking the importance of your own brand image.

Now I seriously doubt there are many - if any - potential hires out there whose primary concern is how cool your logo looks, or the modern flair to your business cards. But consider for a moment what a brand image, and a logo, actually do.

1. They are proxies for the modernness of your company as a whole.

Your company will attract good talent based in part on the relevance, stability, and longevity you project. They want to know they'll have a job next week, next year, next decade. They may not be able to articulate how your brand image makes them feel about their prospects for stability with you, but they will feel something. Their gut will be telling them something. A professional brand image will tell the story you want to portray.

2. Your brand image can project importance.

People today understand that a job is more than just a place to get a paycheck. They want to be a part of something important. They want to be fulfilling something for themselves, and for others. Your brand image can portray the fact that your company manufactures this or that specific airplane component, or it can speak to the underlying mission of the company.

Same company. Same product. Much different feeling.

3. You can retain your hard won talent by instilling pride and a sense of ownership.

If people feel they have joined a team with an important mission, and that they are working to fulfill some bigger picture, they will want others to see it too. When they share with family and friends, or meet a colleague, vendor, or potential client, they understand that the way your company is presented to others is a reflection on them. A weak brand image creates a mental dichotomy - they want to express their excitement to be on this team, but have nothing to show externally. A professional brand image, on the other hand, provides them with visible, tangible proof that their excitement and dedication is warranted.

People they interact with can get a sense of your company from them, and back it up with the visual proof provided by a powerful brand image.

The leaders of your industry all invest in their brand image, and the mindset of their employees. They aren’t able to do it because they’re the big players. They’re the big players because they do it.

The jobs people do, and the facts about your products or services, may be identical, but your ability to paint a picture of importance, relevance, and fulfillment are what sets you apart to find and nurture your dream team, or have a revolving door for employees.