4 Levels to Your Offering

Prospects in your world need to learn about you, see if you fit their needs, build some level of trust, and then make a decision to buy or not. To move them through this cycle, you need to create 4 levels to your offer.

The problem I see a lot of entrepreneurs make is they meet a prospect, and go right for the sale of their core offering. Now, it’s possible to get yourself in front of a prospect who needs your core offering, and is ready and willing to buy. It happens to all of us on occasion, and it’s awesome. But you can’t rely on it.

Your business is not a store that thousands of people in the general public know and trust. People aren’t meandering the aisles of your office picking this service and this product off a shelf and putting it in the shopping cart. No, in your world, you service a particular group of people. They have specific needs that require specific solutions, and you provide them. Whether you have a product or a service or both, you are in the business of solving problems and relieving pain. That’s it.

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Level 1, you may have guessed, is free.

Unless you’re Target, or Home Depot, or McDonald’s, chances are most people have never heard of you. That means most people aren’t going to have any interest in your core offering. But they will have a great interest in your knowledge. If you know how to solve their problems or relieve their pain, they will take notice of your videos, blog posts, LinkedIn updates, Facebook Group posts, and so on. By sharing your knowledge freely, consistently, and persistently, you will quickly amass a large number of people who begin to know and trust you. When they’re at this point, they’re ready for level 2.

Level 2, I hate to tell you, is also free.

But please realize “free” in these cases does not mean you receive nothing in return. It just means you don’t receive money, yet. At level 1 free, you build a reputation and gain their trust. At level 2 free, you get their contact information. Your level 2 offer is a free resource you give away in exchange for an email address. You then use that email address to send your prospects more and more free level 1 content. But you also get to ask for the sale on occasion. Which leads to level 3.

Level 3 is not free.

But it’s not your expensive core offering either. Sometimes, a prospect may like and trust you, and be willing to work with you, but might still be nervous to commit to your core level 4 offering. So offer them something smaller. It can be a sample of the core offering, or a customized report, or a trial run at a reduced price. Whatever it is, it’s something smaller, and less money that provides extreme value for them. Once you complete this, they’re now your customer, and moving on to level 4 becomes easier for them.

Level 4, of course, is your core offering.

After all this effort, your prospect is ready to commit to you. Now, once you get these 4 levels going, the effect is cumulative. You never want to stop offering the free level 1 and 2 content, because that will stop new people from learning about you and building trust. When you are consistent and persistent about sharing your knowledge and expertise freely in levels 1 and 2, you will always have an abundance of people ready for levels 3 and 4.