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When you look at someone who's an "expert" in some field, it's easy to believe they are perfect at it, and never waver or stumble in their efforts. It's easy to be hard on yourself when you compare all of your life's ups and downs to the tiny snapshot of success you see in others around you.

In this video, I discuss the difference between a brand and a logo; the difference between deliberate branding, and branding by default; and how the CEO has the power to shape and persuade the overall brand image by focusing on what's been positive, and projecting his or her unique vision for the company's future.

It’s time you started getting socially active. I’m talking about having your brand in place on the major social networks: Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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B.2.B. We look pretty much as you'd expect

B2B logos are typically nothing more than a piece of clip art, or unimaginative initials - merely an afterthought as if to say “Hey, we’re in business and need a logo, so I’ll just use this.” What’s the big deal, really? So many industrial and B2B businesses do not put much effort into their branding, so nobody really expects much or thinks much of it. And surely nobody holds it against you, right? Wrong. Dead wrong. It only works against you. Here’s how.

Being a rock star

What aspects of life are important to you, but there might not seem to be time for? What can you do about it? I used to want to be a rock star. Today, I've learned how to incporporate music into every facet of my life, both business and personal. It's not hard, once you open your mind to the possibilities.

It’s nearly Thanksgiving here in the States, and nearly the end of the year everywhere. It’s around this time each year we business owners begin lamenting over how much we didn’t accomplish this past year. Well let’s actually make things different this time by not doing that.

Client Success Stories

Fuelblue has worked closely with Pete Ekstrom for nearly a decade to create the unique brand images for his company and each of his products. The sales training industry is over-crowded with "me too" gurus, so it was essential to strategize how to position The Gold Call Script and Pete's now famous "Turn Your Cold Calls Into Gold Calls" training programs to elevate him above the crowd.

Mike Fink had been working with high end technology for audio, video, security and telecom for several years. This is a classic example of an entrepreneur with excellent credentials and expertise not making much headway in business simply because they’re not getting noticed.

Fuelblue was asked to refresh the brand image of this indutry icon. After decades as a leader in its field, IW wanted to rebrand and reposition itself to maintain its stance with experienced buyers, and to be relevant and accessible to the new generation of engineers and designers reshaping the industry.