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Marketing is how they find you.

The purpose of marketing is to drive traffic to your website and put eyeballs on your company's content, message, and services. I do this with video marketing, inbound marketing, digital marketing, social marketing, and advertising. But finding you is only half the battle...

Branding is how they respond to you.

Once they find you, you need to impress them. Branding works to create a positive first impression, and continually engage and build trust. I do this with logo design, web design, website care, and corporate identity design.

I help SMB owners get in front of the right people, engage them when they find you, convert them into leads and customers, and measure results every step of the way.

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Start Here - Your New Marketing Plan

In this 4 part series, I cover how to attract traffic to your site; how to keep them there once they arrive; how to provide value and ask for the sale; and how to remain authentic in your marketing efforts. This playlist is essential for all entrepreneurs.

Your Step by Step Guide to SMB Marketing

The Rock Star Strategy

  • Learn how to use content marketing to begin building your audience
  • Learn how to use your strengths, rather than focus on popular tactics
  • Understand how video fits into your marketing efforts
  • Get action steps you can begin right away

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