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Unleash your Inner Rock Star.

I’m Bobby Donohue, the founder of Fuelblue & the Creator of Be a Rock Star and Lightstage. I help leading edge entrepreneurs create authentic brands so you can be the rock star in your industry.

Whether you're a solo entrepreneur, or an SMB CEO with 50 employees, you started your business with a vision. You started your business for a reason, including creating a certain life and lifestyle for yourself, and fulfilling a mission to make this world a little bit better than you found it.

And then there’s reality.

Not quite showcasing yourself the way you want. Getting overwhelmed by all the technical details of branding and marketing. Spinning your wheels with mundane tasks, and making little or no forward progress. Having a hundred ideas in different stages of development, but completing and implementing none of them.

There's a gap between where you are and where you want to be. My job is to help you take back control over your business, your ideas, and your brand.

We can work together in a few ways:

Fuelblue TV

Fuelblue TV - Free video series for entrepreneurs

Adopt a Rock Star Mindset for Entrepreneurial Success

My free video series teaches entrepreneurs the mindsets and tactics necessary for success. Every week, I explore a new angle to help you close the gap between the vision you hold for your business, and the reality you're dealing with right now. Unleash your Inner Rock Star here, and get Fuelblue TV in your inbox every Tuesday.

Be a Rock Star

Be a Rock Star - My course to transform your business from striving to thriving

Transform Your Business from Surviving to Thriving

You may be watering down your brand image and message to please others, and be more acceptable to a wider audience. This course is designed to help you determine what your brand really is, how to project it onto the world stage, and how to attract all the right people and relationships to you.

This course removes all the barriers keeping you separated from your definition of success. Learn more here...


Lightstage - Work one on one with me to make your vision a reality

Work One on One With Bobby

Lightstage is strategy, brainstorming, design, implementation, and masterminding - one on one with me. In a few short months, we can analyze your business and goals, create the marketing tools you need, and develop & implement a strategic marketing plan customized for you. Lightstage is a strategic service program to transform your business to match your vision, and make that your daily reality. 

It's easier than you think. Learn more here...

Inject your core genius brand into your business

The Rock Star Strategy

Whether you're a solopreneur or CEO of a 50-person company, you have a brand. And your brand is really only energy - what people think about you. It's an opinion. 

But your opinion is more powerful than any other. It can overshadow them all, and mold those other opinions to match it. Your vision of your business can create the reality you're working for.

The Rock Star Strategy include 5 key mindsets that are quick to employ, and will set you on course to be the rock star in your industry.

My Clients - Lightstage in Action