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Learn what a brand is, and what Fuelblue does for entrepreneurs & businesses.

In this video, I discuss the difference between a brand and a logo; the difference between deliberate branding, and branding by default; and how you have the unique power to shape and persuade your own brand image.

Most businesses don’t need nearly the same level of recognition as major corporations like McDonald's or FedEx to be successful, but I do think that most businesses could be using their logos a little more efficiently. So here are 5 ways your logo could be more effective.

Every client I take on wants to know how to get found on Google. Everybody makes that a priority. And most businesses spend a great deal of time and energy on getting found, forgetting there are two forces at play. First they have to find you, but then they have to want to stay.

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Logo and web site design for some of my clients.
Or feast your eyes my logo portfolio.

LON Logo

LON Cosmetics is redefining itself within the cosmetics industry. CEO Dan Bryle wanted to maintain the company's links to its history, while emphasizing the new breakthroughs they are achieving.

Brand image for IW - Insulated Wire, Inc.

Fuelblue was asked to refresh the brand image of this indutry icon. After decades as a leader in its field, IW wanted to rebrand and reposition itself to maintain its stance with experienced buyers, and to be relevant and accessible to the new generation of engineers and designers reshaping the industry.

Advanced Arch Grilles had become our client several years ago, with a handicap. They had an existing corporate identity package that was poorly designed, but which already infiltrated all aspects of their business. Dan Roeper, the CEO, knew it did nothing to give you any sense of AAG’s culture, expertise, creativity, and commitment to customer service.