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I'm Bobby Donohue, founder of Fuelblue, and creator of the Marketing Engine. Fuelblue helps technical B2B business owners create and maintain contact with your buying market so you can bring in new customers. Chances are your website and social networks are doing very little to increase the number of leads in your pipeline, or the revenue flowing into your business.

How many B2B leads are being generated through your website each week? How are you tracking and connecting with those leads? And how many of those leads are converting into customers directly because of your website and marketing efforts?

Chances are, you're struggling with some common problems I've seen with technical B2B companies:

Your entire industry looks the same

You all look the same.

Your prospects don't see much difference between you and your competitors. Your entire industry tends to use similar imagery and language. Your prospects can't figure out why they should choose you over your competitors, so they end up guessing, or shopping around for the cheapest vendor. That can't be good, but it can be remedied with a unique user experience and brand image.

Out of touch with your B2B buyer prospects

You're not in the loop with your market.

Your prospects are doing research on their own and making decisions without your input. By the time they make first contact, they're already 60% of the way to their purchasing decision. In many cases, B2B buyers will eliminate you from the race without ever contacting you. This can easily be avoided with some pro-active content marketing and lead nurturing.

Prospects think they know your offering as well as you do

Prospects overestimate their abilities.

Your prospects think they understand your offering as well as you. Just because they have technical backgrounds too doesn't mean they understand all the complexities of your product or services. So they make costly mistakes and incorrect assumptions, and then they blame you. Get in front of the problem with educational content and an inspiring user experience.

Sound familiar?

If these problems resonate with you - if you can see them in action in your own company - then please consider scheduling a free strategy call with me to discuss how we can fix it.

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MARKETING ENGINE covers everything:

  • Driving traffic to your site
  • Engaging visitors so they stay on your site
  • Converting anonymous visitors into known leads
  • Nurturing leads into customers
  • Creating and sharing content, including video
  • Tracking and analyzing every stage