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Lots of people can do that thing that you do, but nobody on Earth can do it with your unique style, or bring your unique perspective and experience to the task. Unique! Rare! One of a kind! These are the qualities we must all strive for when creating our brand images and marketing materials.

Here’s my advice if you’re getting a little overwhelmed with all the social media options. The way people discuss social media for business can easily make you think that if you’re not a walking celebrity on every single one of these platforms, then you’re wasting your time. I’m pretty sure that’s not the truth.

When I started my business, the sky was the limit. It was obvious to me early in my career that my freedom and my future depended on me doing things my way. But the more I did things a certain way, the more that simply became the way I did things. How much of how I do things today is because it’s really how I want to do them? And how much is because it’s what has become comfortable and secure?