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Lots of people can do that thing that you do, but nobody on Earth can do it with your unique style, or bring your unique perspective and experience to the task. Unique! Rare! One of a kind! These are the qualities we must all strive for when creating our brand images and marketing materials.

Here’s my advice if you’re getting a little overwhelmed with all the social media options. The way people discuss social media for business can easily make you think that if you’re not a walking celebrity on every single one of these platforms, then you’re wasting your time. I’m pretty sure that’s not the truth.

When I started my business, the sky was the limit. It was obvious to me early in my career that my freedom and my future depended on me doing things my way. But the more I did things a certain way, the more that simply became the way I did things. How much of how I do things today is because it’s really how I want to do them? And how much is because it’s what has become comfortable and secure?

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Superior Best Stuff - Better than the rest but kinda the same

I often speak about how a brand is nothing more than a mental image that people have of you. What people think about you is your brand. We all have the power to shape that image through our branding efforts. Quality products and services, outstanding customer care, and attention to detail should be at the core of any business. But these things are not your brand - nor anyone else’s. They’re simply the bare minimum that people expect from any business they deal with.

Change can be catastrophic or an opportunity

Change can be catastrophic, or it can be an opportunity. You need to keep up to remain relevant. Your clients and your employees will always expect you to remain in position as the expert in your field. Nobody will care that your field is completely different than it used to be. They’ll just find a new expert.

1950s talking head advertising - Groucho Marx for DeSoto

If video marketing is a new territory for you, it might feel comfortable and obvious to immediately make commercial-like videos that simply tout your products and services. These are exactly the commercials we all fast forward over at home, so why would anyone volunteer to watch one on YouTube?

Client Success Stories

Mike Fink had been working with high end technology for audio, video, security and telecom for several years. This is a classic example of an entrepreneur with excellent credentials and expertise not making much headway in business simply because they’re not getting noticed.

Fuelblue was asked to refresh the brand image of this indutry icon. After decades as a leader in its field, IW wanted to rebrand and reposition itself to maintain its stance with experienced buyers, and to be relevant and accessible to the new generation of engineers and designers reshaping the industry.

Fuelblue has worked closely with Pete Ekstrom for nearly a decade to create the unique brand images for his company and each of his products. The sales training industry is over-crowded with "me too" gurus, so it was essential to strategize how to position The Gold Call Script and Pete's now famous "Turn Your Cold Calls Into Gold Calls" training programs to elevate him above the crowd.